I think it’s time for my annual enjoy-the-holidays blog hiatus.  It’s been hard as of late to get a post written, and it only gets harder as Christmas nears.  Plus, I like to narrow my focus this time of year – to family, our holiday traditions, what the heck we’re celebrating.  So I’ll catch you all after the new year.

Before I go, here’s my wish list in case anyone wants to send a blogger-appreciation gift:

  • world peace
  • a utility sink in my laundry room
  • new black boots
  • a winter free of sewer back-ups, frozen pipes and kitchen flooding
  • the new Laurie R. King book (but it doesn’t come out until Februrary, so unless you have an in with her publisher…)
  • slippers/ better circulation in my toes
  • an ability to eat whatever I want and have no negative health or waistline effects
  • dark chocolate
  • a day to paint and write and read and go on a date with my husband (or three)
  • tickets to the One Direction concert in July (yes, I would take my kids, and yes, I would unashamedly enjoy it)

Merry Christmas, friends.  Enjoy the sweetness of these days.  I’ll do the same.

 “For God so loved the world…”

Thank goodness.